A downloadable regrettable digi-thing for Windows and macOS

✏️ kate gray did the words
🎨 andrew shouldice did the animations
🎵 eric billingsley did the musics
✨ josie brechner did the sounds

🎴mr mayor did the readings
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(80 total ratings)
GenreCard Game
Tagsmr_mayor, Narrative, Procedural Generation, silly, story, Tarot


MR_MAYOR_DOT_TXT (Windows).zip 28 MB
MR_MAYOR_DOT_TXT (Mac).zip 29 MB


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hes so baby

A work of art.

It's fun, but I did encounter a glitch. I'm on Mac btw. The food name became his last sentence


Well he was right about the Pepto Bismal Obelisks at the very least.


is this the pringles man???????????


Highly silly, and impressive number of random results.

incredible BANGER thanks for everything out of the 500 games of the racial bundle pack you've been the one that i loved the most thanks 


I regret nothing, and neither should you.


I absolutely love Mr.Mayor, this game is perfect


Quite possibly the best thing on this site so far. The only regrettable thing is how I can’t have this on my phone at all times.

w h o l e s o m e

A short little thing that had me smiling for how charming it was


I've been having a very stressful couple of weeks thanks to final semester deadline crunches. This was just the pick-me-up I needed :") Thank you!!!

had a huge smile on my face the entire time, this was a true gem

The music is just bravo! I couldn't believe it was composed for the game, please upload it somewhere if you can. The graphics and the bright colors look amazing.


I was thinking the same thing, and i couldn't find the music anywhere so i decided to just export it myself! here is a copy <3

mr mayor is the purest thing in the universe


I have played through mr mayor multiple times as a treat for my Twitch viewers, and he is very popular. Everyone loves him and he is very good. Please tell him that he is my friend.

Just streamed it on Twitch it was really fun! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/767844206

I just streamed your game in a review night. 5/5. GOTY.


a friend disguised a game


I liked everything about this game, especially when I realized every single thing was randomly generated and I also could not close it without mashing every button on the keyboard. 6.9/5 would mayor again.

I just played this game to upload to my youtube channel in a couple days and I have to say this game is probably one of my favorite short indie games XD You guys make a hilarious team! Thank you for making and sharing this! I am off to make all of my siblings play!

this is amazing


i hate my download. its 100% then FAIL


im love him

:) <3


bebebebeep :) hap


I would die for Mr Mayor

This is a really nice thing! Thank you for making :)

a lovely time 10/10

lol this game tickles me. I'm so confused but also so entertained.

omg yes its this game- 100% loved 

Mr Mayor is my only friend, lovely experience 10/10

I played it and made a little video...! It was very pleasant and comfy. Absolutely love the colour choices of the mayor's little hat

What a lovely experience!


i fully understand why this man was elected mayor he has all the answers


Is there a way to exit the game? 


Why would you ever want to?


alt f4


I promise to be less leafy and roll more


Delightening! I am looking forward to the future Mr Mayor has predicted me and the many broccolis. 

Mr Mayor's a cool guy who's led a life of adventure and made wonderful friends.

i need more of this in my life all the time. this little guy made my day!

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