A downloadable regrettable digi-thing for Windows and macOS

✏️ kate gray did the words
🎨 andrew shouldice did the animations
🎵 eric billingsley did the musics
✨ josie brechner did the sounds

🎴mr mayor did the readings


MR_MAYOR_DOT_TXT (Windows).zip 28 MB
MR_MAYOR_DOT_TXT (Mac).zip 29 MB


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i hate my download. its 100% then FAIL

im love him

:) <3

bebebebeep :) hap


I would die for Mr Mayor

This is a really nice thing! Thank you for making :)

a lovely time 10/10

lol this game tickles me. I'm so confused but also so entertained.

omg yes its this game- 100% loved 

Mr Mayor is my only friend, lovely experience 10/10

I played it and made a little video...! It was very pleasant and comfy. Absolutely love the colour choices of the mayor's little hat

What a lovely experience!


i fully understand why this man was elected mayor he has all the answers


Is there a way to exit the game? 


Why would you ever want to?


alt f4


I promise to be less leafy and roll more


Delightening! I am looking forward to the future Mr Mayor has predicted me and the many broccolis. 

Mr Mayor's a cool guy who's led a life of adventure and made wonderful friends.

i need more of this in my life all the time. this little guy made my day!


Never in my entire life gaming, have ever come across a game so undeniably incredible, something so... life changing. After playing this game, having a long needed conversation with a this fellow intellectual of a mayor, I immediately divorced my wife, aborted my 12 year old kids, and pursuited my intellectual dreams of exploring the meaning of all things ever to bear in this galaxy.

Truly something of outlast the ages

feel free to use this as a review to put in the description.




I don't even know what just happend, but I loved it